Maintain Safe and Clean Driving Surfaces

Whether you need new asphalt coating or repair of your existing surface, turn to Advanced Asphalt of S.W. FL, Inc. We take care of all your driving surface needs, from repaving to sign and speed bump installation in the Venice, Florida, area.

Asphalt Services in Venice, FL

Choose Advanced Asphalt for cost-effective, durable asphalt construction and seal coating. Our team completes any aspect of asphalt construction including base work, site work, repairs, overlays, rip-outs, and repaving. We take care of site development in preparation for new construction, including road grading and cleaning, land clearing, and subbase layering. Some of the paving projects we have completed include:

  • Subdivision Roadways
  • Golf Cart and Bicycle Paths
  • Complete Parking Lot Construction
  • Driveways

Keeping You Informed

Prior to any paving job, our experts perform a site visit and go over all your options before beginning any work. We make sure you're aware of all local and governmental codes like A.D.A, fire safety, and other laws that you need to know before work begins.

Asphalt Paving

Signage and Painting

Ensure the safety of your patrons and tenants with proper asphalt striping and signage. Our skilled team installs all types of basic signs and D.O.T-Certified markings for parking lots such as stop signs, handicap parking signs, arrows, crosswalks, bike lanes, fire lanes, do not enter signs, and right-of-way signs.


Protect your asphalt with our money-saving PaveShield, a pavement protector that beautifies your asphalt and adds durability. This enhancing treatment protects your asphalt against cracking, raveling, and water penetration. By adding PaveShield today, you prevent costly repaving and repairs in the future. Our polymer modified asphalt sealer is extremely durable, environmentally responsible, and does not track after application even in the hottest temperatures. Best of all, it doesn't leave that obnoxious, lingering odor. It dries black and lasts for many years.

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